Kerry Constabile aims to shift the global status quo toward energy and environmental sustainability solutions through her work with the United Nations, Oxford University and her photography.

A global sustainability leader, Kerry focuses on photography that captures energy and environmental innovations, urban poverty solutions and abstract portrayals of built environment and architecture. By day, Kerry manages sustainability initiatives for leading global corporations and Financial Institutions and researches renewable energy transitions at Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute.

Kerry’s background includes work as an Economist during the 2007-8 recession, developing Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategies for leading global banks, natural resource consulting for Fortune 500 companies and working on energy and environmental solutions for the United Nations in multiple countries including Cuba, Costa Rica, Senegal, Mozambique, Zambia and Nepal.

As the granddaughter of the founder of the rechargeable lithium battery, Kerry is naturally inclined to unpacking challenges and forging unique solutions — with a knack for taking things apart, finding new connections and delivering a new and improved product.

Kerry is always keen to connect with likeminded friends and colleagues to collaborate on sustainability and photo projects – please send a message here!